Cyber security

GDPR, PECR, DPA…all acronyms that mean you have a legal obligation to keep your data safe and secure

  • Security protection
  • Cyber education
  • Cyber essentials certification
Our advanced cyber security services will secure devices and software, protect your data and services, and protect you from viruses, malware, and fake websites and insecure networks.

With small and medium sized businesses a huge target to small groups of hackers and large organised crime rings in the UK and overseas, we can protect your data, your credibility, and most importantly – your business.

  • Managed protection from hackers, viruses, and other security risks
  • Your data and systems as secure as they can be
  • Support to meet your legal data security obligations
Our cyber security training packages are designed to help you keep your sensitive information secure – because no amount of antivirus and security packages can help when your password is “Password”!

Did you know that a secure password doesn’t have to be 50 random letters and numbers? Or that over half of last years’ hacking victims were small businesses? Small and medium sized businesses are often soft targets, as they have less funding for advanced data protection software and often don’t have skilled security teams. Our easy to understand documents, videos and FAQs can improve your security without the costs of a dedicated security team.

  • Cyber security is the responsibility of every employee, from sole traders to large offices of staff
  • Online resources from videos to in-depth articles and training guides
  • Small and medium-sized businesses are most vulnerable to cyber attacks
Our cyber essentials certificate provides IT professionals and business owners with all the information they need defeat unsophisticated threads from the internet

From understanding how firewalls and internet gateways work, including those that we install, to strategies to manage and protect your IT systems; this course is delivered on site by qualified professionals.

  • Ideal for IT consultants, support engineers and business owners alike
  • Understand the basics of cyber security and how to mitigate the risks of being online
  • Learn more about the systems we put in place to help you stay secure

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