Support for Windows 7 is ending, are you ready?

Windows 7, possibly the best Windows operating system, is now ten years old and is reaching the end of its life.

From 14 January 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs or laptops running Windows 7.

When Windows 7 reaches end of support, Microsoft will no longer provide the following:

  • Technical support for any issues
  • Software updates
  • Security updates or fixes

By continuing to use Windows 7 after this date your computer will be more vulnerable to security risks. Although your computer will keep working, the longer you stick with Windows 7 the more vulnerable your computer – and therefore your business – will be.

Microsoft recommend that you upgrade to Windows 10, their latest operating system because support for it will continue until at least 2025 – perhaps even longer.

Four things to think about before moving to Windows 10

Step 1: Choose the right version of Windows

There are a couple of versions of Windows 10; a home version and a professional version. The only difference between these two versions are the available features

Depending on how many devices you have, you may not need Windows 10 Pro and can save money by buying Windows 10 Home.

Step 2: Back up your data

We’ve said it before but having a backup of your data is vital for any business.

As well as keeping all your data safe in the event that something goes wrong with your computer, it also makes it a lot easier to transfer files to a newly upgraded computer.

Step 3: Check your software is compatible

As well as Windows 7, support for Office 2010 ends in January 2020 so you’re probably going to need to upgrade that too.

If you have any specialist software, for computer-aided design, accounting, or records management you may need to speak to your vendor (or original creator) to see if they will work on Windows 10.

Step 4: Speaking to The 4th Utility about supporting your upgrade

We can support your move from Windows 7 to Windows 10, planning your upgrades and ensuring you have the right version of Windows for your business. Coupled with our Virtual IT Manager platform we can then monitor your computer(s) and keep the running at their best for years to come.

Drop us an email to find out more about how we can help you move to Windows 10.

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