Five simple things to secure your business #3: Anti-virus

Any time you’re connected to the internet you run the risk of being infected with some sort of malware, with the most common ones being:

  • Adware – a type of malware that delivers automated adverts and popups both on websites and on your computer desktop. Whilst some adware is designed to deliver advertisements, it is not uncommon for adware to come bundled with spyware.
  • Ransomware – malware that essentially holds a computer captive by encrypting the data, so you can’t access any documents or files, while demanding a ransom to unlock it. In a large number of cases, even after paying the ransom data is left encrypted and inaccessible, and can only be restored from a backup.
  • Spyware – the spying capabilities of this malware can include activity monitoring, collecting keystrokes, data harvesting (usernames and passwords), and modifying system settings such as firewalls – allowing other types of malware in.
  • Viruses – viruses spread between computers by attaching themselves to programs and files, often those sent by email. Viruses can be used to deliver adware, ransomware, and spyware to large numbers of devices very quickly.
  • Worms – worms work in the same way as viruses but rather than relying on humans to transfer the files, worms can self-replicate and spread independently. Spam emails such as those from a friend asking you to click a strange looking like are often sent by worms.

It’s never going to be possible to stop every piece of malware before it infects someone, but by installing anti-virus software you can at least know you’ve done as much as possible to defend against the known threats.

Which software should I choose?

Here at The 4th Utility we recommend Avast. Based in the Czech Republic and founded in 1988 Avast now holds the largest market share for anti-virus and anti-malware applications worldwide.

Avast’s business line of software comes in three flavours; Antivirus, Antivirus Pro, and Antovirus Pro Plus.

Starting with basic anti-virus protection, a firewall, anti-spam and tools to make sure you’re never on a fake site designed to steal your data.

We’ve got Antivirus Pro Plus on all our machines in the office and coupled with our Remote Monitoring and Management platform our IT team are able to keep us up and running with no stress, no urgent fixes for everyone’s computers and most importantly, no downtime for staff.

Our Virtual IT Manager keeps your computers safe, your data secure, and your business in tact. The software will also make sure your computer does not simply shut down in the rare event that some malware does make it on to your device.

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